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Where We Left Off: CD

Where We Left Off: CD

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After 3 long years, the album every INTRoVOYS True Fan has been waiting for is finally here! “Where We Left Off” picks up the pieces of a band filled with stories of high highs and low lows.

Each song is a powerhouse that resonates across three generations. This is not your uncle’s music. Everything just sounds new again!

The band kicks off the album with a chord, a simple strum that implies the beginning of a new chapter for the band. “Here We Go” begins what is to be 12 of the band’s best work to date. And for 50 minutes of music, there are no dull moments.

From the band’s heart thumping celebratory dance track, “Let’s Dance” that makes you wanna dance to anthemic tunes like “Healing Hearts” and “Swim To the Sky” that make you wanna stretch your fist out to easy listening tracks like “Summertime” and “I Don’t Wanna Lose You”… you’re bound to be wanting more. And more is what you shall have!

“Sekreto” is not your teenage love song. It’s deep, dark and catchy. And the band candidly took a risk including the song in the album as it breathes close to home. Without missing a beat, INTRoVOYS brings out it’s trademark synth/rock guitar music arrangement to deliver power pop rock inspirational tunes like “Pangarap” and “Paradise”.

What’s an INTRoVOYS album without its power ballads? The band doesn’t disappoint when it delivers back to back home runs with “Why” and “Nasaan Ka”.

And for the fans that have been with the band through its ups and downs, “Home” simply brings it home as a validating statement of gratitude toward the tens of thousands of fans all over the world that have kept their candles burning bright!

Here’s to a new chapter in the lives of Paco, JD, JJ, G3 and Jonathan. Let’s all come together where we left off!


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Band Updates

INTRoVOYS Picks Up Where They Left Off! 

INTRoVOYS Comes Back to Where They Left Off 

In the summer of 2013, INTRoVOYS started recording their new album, Where We Left Off.  The goal was to finish the album in 6 months.  However, with a concert tour over their head, the band had to put recording on the back burner.  And as it turned out, the band continued to tour til the end of 2014.   

In 2015, the band decided to prioritize completion of their album.  However, in May of the same year, keyboardist Art Pangilinan decided to settle down with his girlfriend and say “goodbye” being part of the band.  This caused another delay in the band’s desire to complete the album. 

Being without a keyboardist, the rest of the guys toyed around with the idea of being a four piece unit.  It looked good on paper however, it wasn’t as easy as they thought it to be.  And instead of touring as a four piece, the band used its time to complete the album. 

Toward the end of 2015, Jj Buencamino – INTRoVOYS’ original keyboard player – started hanging out with the band again.  And often times, when the band got together to do finishing touches on the album, Jj would contribute a riff/part here and there. 

In the end, the boys in the band invited him to return full time to reclaim his spot in the band.  Without wasting time, Jj Buencamino began working on the rest of the songs and worked his magic to give INTRoVOYS its signature sound back!  And it worked! 

Listening to songs like “Pangarap” “Here We Go” and “Swim To The Sky” among others, true INTRoVOYS fans will fall in love with the band all over again.  And new listeners will find their new album quite interesting. 

Simply put, after all the trials and obstacles they’ve encountered through the years, INTRoVOYS is better and stronger.  And they’re picking up where they left off! 

You can purchase the band's new album CD, Where We Left Off, at for a discounted price of $9.99, which comes with a free digital download version of the album and free worldwide shipping!

INTRoVOYS - Orange County Album Release Party

 —  —

TEN Bistro, 4647 MacArthur Blvd, Newport Beach CA 92660

INTROVOYS Orange County Album Release Party

Kicking off their 2016 World Tour in support of their latest album, Where We Left Off, the band that gave you the hits "Line to Heaven", "Will I Survive", "Kailanman" among others return to the stage with a powerful repertoire of hits, more hits and new songs

Pre-Selling tickets are going for $15, which includes a FREE CD of the band's new album.

For more INFO pls call or text Arvin at 714.552.8118-

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 —  —

Broadway Studios, 435 Broadway, San Francisco CA 94133


INTRoVOYS rocks San Francisco on May 7, 2016 to launch their great new album, Where We Left Off.

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