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A Robust Response! 

After releasing the video "Yun Na Ba Lahat", a sketch portraying what the band has to go through in order for its Manila concert to happen, our team has received a lot of written commitments from the band's "true fans" and it has been quite promising!  

On April 18, INTRoVOYS will be sending out the details on how to receive an invite via its mailing list so if you haven't registered, now would be a good time to do so.

September 26 is just around the corner! 

Yun Na Ba Lahat!?! 

If you are an INTRoVOYS True Fan... you should watch this video.

Thank you....

INTRoVOYS shows us what goes on behind closed doors when the boys in the band brainstorm about the band's future. "Yun Na Ba Lahat?" forces the boys in the band to exhaust all of their resources to reach their goal... whatever the goal is.

In this case, it's about going back to Manila to be reunited with their TRUE FANS for an exclusive "One Night Only" concert.

Wouldn't It Be Nice... 

Top (clockwise): Jonathan Buencamino, Jobert Buencamino, Paco Arespacochaga, Vic Carpio and Jj Buencamino

Word is getting around that INTRoVOYS is performing in Manila in September of 2015. And it would showcase the band line up featured above. If and when the show pushes through, and if the band's former members, Jobert Buencamino, Jj Buencamino, Vic Carpio and Ira Cruz do agree to be special guests of the event, the current band members (including Jonathan Buencamino and Paco Arespacochaga) would definitely welcome it!

However, as of today, Filipino local producers have all but agreed to the band's terms of having a Manila show possible. As a result, the band is looking into alternative options. 

One of these options is to make the event an exclusive "invite only" for the band's true fans.

In the next few days, we will be coming up with a news update so do join our mailing list to stay updated. 

INTRoVOYS To Perform In Manila? 

Paco Arespacochaga & Jonathan Buencamino

Drummer Paco Arespacochaga and vocalist Jonathan Buencamino confirm that the band is indeed gearing up for a 2015 tour but this time, it will be more extensive.  Does this mean fans from South East Asia will get a chance to spend an evening of music with the quintet?  "We're actually in the process of finding out the best way to get the band to be with its fans in the Philippines, even for just one night", quips Jonathan when asked during one of their studio rehearsals. 

Paco adds, "For 2015, our album will finally be released! And then we'll be on the road to support its released".

As to when their tour will kick off, word has it that the fun begins on April 11 in Tucson, AZ. (details can be found here).


Merry Christmas To All Of You! 

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INTRoVOYS Guitarist Releases Debut Album "Never Look Back" 

On October 24, INTRoVOYS played in front of a great audience at the world famous Fulton 55, in Freson CA to end their 2014 US Tour.  As of press time, the band is currently back in the studio, completing their much awaited album, "Where We Left Off".

Fans of the band need not feel the absence of the band because while INTRoVOYS is busy in the studio, its lead guitar player, G3 Misa, will be launching his debut album on November 14.

Listeners of G3 Misa's debut album, "Never Look Back" will appreciate his own style of music.  His carrier single "Habangbuhay" has already hit the airwaves in Bicol, Davao, Cebu, and Zamboanga.  The "Habangbuhay" music video features Geneva Cruz as his leading lady and was filmed in Los Angeles, California.  The music video is currently being aired on MTV Pinoy and was directed and edited by Paco Arespacochaga.

Paco Arespacochaga, INTRoVOYS' drummer and songwriter has nothing but pride and respect for G3 Misa's endeavor.  "I've always believed in G3's songwriting and have encouraged him to get out of his shell and showcase his songwriting ability to our fans and to the rest of the world!  I'm just glad that he did.  And when I heard the tracks and read the lyrics to his songs, I felt very privileged to be around such a humble and talented artist."

Will G3 Misa Go Solo?

No news if Misa will be promoting or touring "solo" in support of his debut album but one thing is for sure, INTRoVOYS as a band, is a band of brothers and is going "all out" behind G3 Misa in his endeavor.

"It's all about artistic growth, whether it's collective or individual.  I'm happy that G3 is able to finish his album.  We stand behind him!" chimed INTRoVOYS' frontman, Jonathan Buencamino.

So, will G3 Misa's solo album start a trend within the band?  "We know what our priorities are.  While, G3 may have his solo album out, we always see him in our recording studio, creating what needs to be created for our album. Nonetheless, no one is stopping anyone of us from building anything creative.  That's what's nice about INTRoVOYS." keyboardist, Art Pangilinan assures.

Available Worldwide!

"Never Look Back" by G3 Misa will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and on www.g3misa.com beginning November 14, 2014


2014 Bokalista Tour Photos 

Photos from the 2014 Bokalista Tour have been added to our gallery and are ready for your viewing and sharing pleasure! Many thanks to the photographers that contributed their vision and talents that helped us capture and memorialize this amazing experience. Thank you to Paul Pablo, Jun Tolibao, Neil Enriquez, Rex Vincent, and Darshan Dabir. Please visit their facebook pages and websites for more amazing photos.

Additional thanks also go out to our personal friends who caught those extra special moments on their personal cameras or phones. You know who you are!

INTRoVOYS' Paco Arespacochaga With ASAP Sessionistas 

Clockwise from Upper Right: Piolo Pascual, Yeng Constantino, Paco Arespacochaga, Richard Poon and Aiza Seguerra

On August 17, our very own Paco Arespacochaga will share the stage with Richard Poon, Yeng Constantino, Aiza Seguerra and Piolo Pascual as they pay homage to INTRoVOYS' contribution to OPM.

The segment will feature Paco and the rest of the Sessionistas singing INTRoVOYS hits.  

As much as we would love to have had the whole band be on the show, having one of our brothers represent the band is still a humbling experience and definitely something to be thankful for!

Tune in and let your friends know about it too!

Previous events

INTRoVOYS... Throwback To Back!

Fulton 55, 875 Divisadero Street, Fresno CA 93721

INTRoVOYS is back in Fresno for their sophomore concert at one of the best concert venues in this side of town!

The concert will feature some of the original members of South Border, who will NOT fail to "wow" the audience in this much anticipated show.

special guests: Vicki HL DJ Dom

Please Call (559) 326.4739 & (559) 801.2792 for tickets and reservations

This concert is presented by: AVL Productions & Spin Meister Production




Bar Kada Avenue, 2605 S Decatur Blvd #120, Las Vegas NV

INTRoVOYS showcases its new and classic materials in this "one night only" event.

Seats are limited. Place your reservations NOW by calling (702) 882.4786

FREE Admission


INTRoVOYS Live at Ben's Bar and Restaurant

Ben's Karaoke Bar and Restuarant, 1615 Sweetwater Rd, National City CA 91950

Call (619) 474-9811 to Reserve Your Tickets

INTRoVOYS comes back to San Diego after a successful "Pioneers & Legends" tour but this time to an intimate crowd, playing all of their hits and more!

Watch them perform their hits "Kailanman", "Di Na Ko Aasa Pa", "Line to Heaven", "However Which way", "Maynila" and more!

Shirts and other merchandise will be available at the gate.

Cash, Debit and Credit Cards are accepted.

$20 Age limit: All ages